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10 May 2021 - Seems that I've walked myself into a corner. I just established that I will start blogging over on MONACOMANIFESTO.COM but now I'm not sure how to proceed on this site.

Originally this site was intended for my professional/career development activities. But now that is appears that I will not be returning to the workforce, that idea is a bit moot. It's beginning to look as if I have too many domains dedicated to myself. What's really puzzling is with all these new TLDs being made available I have the urge to purchase more!

7 May 2021 - Looks like all my social media connections are working again... next target will most likely be instagram. The overal community as degenerated itself into the most seediest red-light district of the Interwebs there is. Really quickly becoming a place I don't want to be. Ironic how it's run by Facebook who on other sites try to portray themselves as the epitome of morality.

1 May 2021 - Twitter doesn't seem to be cooperating with me at the moment. 2FA is not sending out the confirmation code I need to log into my account. Have a support ticket it but yea.. won't hold my breath on that. Just another reason we need to take back the net and provide for ourselves. Relying on outside companies for our communications isn't always such a good idea especially when you're just a little guy without much weight to throw around. If we maintain our own servers at least we have the direct control to take action immediately and begin the resolution process.

29 April 2021 - Just a random rambling thought - Would it be cool to design a text-based 3D environment to explore? To be different, it would not be based on any specific user name / login scheme. Perhaps strack starting / current location by IP address which for most people would change frequently. Optionally a one-time way to key in a coordinate as a starting locatin where initially one could navigate buy entering NSEW up/down commands.

Not exactly sure just what would be at each location... perhaps 'trade war' style depots and bases? Like I said, just a rambling thought that occured to me during a delusional state.

In the future, I should probably post these sort of things on my NET site (PAULMONACO.NET) where it would be more approriate.

26 April 2021 - If you've been following any of my sites (probably not, I get very little traffic), you'll know that I've been struggling with the overall format. I'm a die-hard 'old school' HTML standards guy yet I still get seduced by all the sexy WYSIWYG tools available. Also, I've wanted to do more 'real-time' content... which makes me think of conventional blogging platforms such as Wordpress. But going with a 3rd party platform leaves me again at their mercy. Keeping up with patches, worring about compatability... etc.

And while I have your attention.... If your interested in more 'up to the second' microblogging, my pages at PFMONACO.COM will have links and news from my social media.

So, a simple fix (till I have another distracting thought) is to write top-down ('Zine' style) putting new contect on the top of the page and letting older stale content fall to the bottom where it will eventually be moved to some sort of archive section. Perhaps I may utilize some sort of rough 'table of content' near the top that will allow quick scrolling down to the various sections of the site. Now I know at this point there really isn't a whole lot of contect to deal with, but I'm anticipating a slow but steady growth. Best to address these things while it's easily manageable and wouldn't take great effort to change things up should I find they're not working out.

21 April 2021 - Okay, time for some content. Expect things to look a bit incomplete around here for a bit but don't expect any apologies from me. As I've said many time, this whole project is an excercise for my own sanity.

Inspired by a recent facebook conversation about coffee, it occured to me that with my recent indoctrination into the world of pod-based coffees that this may be a good time and venue to document my journey, log and notate my discoveries.

19 April 2021 - Really, nothing to see here yet. Should I have included a 90's style 'Under Construction' .GIF ?

Coffee Pod Adventures

21 April 2021 -For years I've been a fan of the Bunn 'pour over' coffee maker. Then for reasons yet unkown to me I suddenly lost my craving for coffee! This was highly unusual because if anything I was at a true addict-level drinking several POTS of coffee a day.

The problem I encoutered was that my coffee consumption was so low that the pre-heat water reservoir in the Bunn was so getting such little use that I was risking burning out the machine with a dry tank due to evaporation! I went from always having a freshly brewed pot of coffee on-hand to perhaps making a pot every other week!

Still having an occational craving for the brew I had considered purchasing a single-cup brewer but held back because I wasn't convinced that the expense would have been worth while. Then as fate would have it, my parents upgraded their Keurig machine and now had a spare so I quickly seized the opportunity to 'borrow' it for a test drive. Well, needless to say they're not getting it back! :)

McCafe Breakfast Blend

22 April 2021 - Much like the food served at McDonalds it's not the worse, it's not the best but it's consistant. You'll always know what you're in for when you drop on of these pods. For the morning wake-up you really don't want any surprises and you don't want to abruptly start your digestive system with anything too exotic or bold.

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