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28 July 2021 NEW - Maybe not so much better. Brain is acting up, feeling very easily annoyed and aggitated. At least I'm aware of this and can keep it in check.

7 June 2021 - Not that anyone was really worrying, but I'm feeling a bit better now.. back to the usual every-day issues.

1 June 2021 - Don't want to launch the pitty-party just yet but I have been feeling a bit off over the last few days. Dull headache, my shoulders and neck are in pain as if I've done heavy yard work. (I haven't!) and my ears and throat have the sensation you get when you do strenuous activities in the cold.

Vicodin has been helping but I've been cautious in taking it as I don't want to trigger the "addict alert" with the doctors or pharmacy.

24 May 2021 - You'll see no difference from your side, but this domain is now on name.com, it appears to have been a flawless transition.

Going forward, I will be using name.com for all my domains. They rock!

19 May 2021 - 🤕 A malfunctioning brain is no fun. Once again I'm fighting the urge to erase everything here and start from scratch. As my brain shifts between various levels of cognition the thoughts I have in each state remain separate. It's almost as if my brain is a computer that had been reformated and restored with an outdated backup and you forget the changes made since that backup.

In hindsite, I can see that this condition has been slowly getting worse over the years and probably the root cause for my previous two job dismissals prior to my hospitalization. Makes me very apprehensive about what may lay ahead. I'm not getting any metter kids, this sucks.

As bad as these websites of mine are, at this point they are the only things I have that's giving me anything to focus on. It's not about the actual success of the sites but just having a visual representation of being able to do something.

18 May 2021 - Starting to figure things out as far as what type of content to put on my pages. This page will lean towards factual and informative content, leaving out controversy and opinion. I will ultimately have more descriptive notes on my social-media focused page, PFMONACO.COM. Honestly, at this point... I'm pleased that I've been actually adding content to these pages at all, even if most of it is superficial. My goal is simply to keep my brain active and fight of my cerebral atrophy. This is basically just my version of going to the gym.

10 May 2021 - Seems that I've walked myself into a corner. I just established that I will start blogging over on MONACOMANIFESTO.COM but now I'm not sure how to proceed on this site.

Originally this site was intended for my professional/career development activities. But now that is appears that I will not be returning to the workforce, that idea is a bit moot. It's beginning to look as if I have too many domains dedicated to myself. What's really puzzling is with all these new TLDs being made available I have the urge to purchase more!

Square One

2 July 2021 - Still stuck at square one LOLz. A few random ideas have been rattling around in my head but don't want to over-commit and setup for instant failure.

5 June 2021 - Yea I know, there's really nothing going on here. Looks like my brain took a little nap and not much is happening in the creativity department.

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