Quick Update – I’m Employed!

Job hunter in ones 50’s is not for the faint of heart!  After over a year and a half of searching for a decent job after a layoff I’m finally with a solid, reputable company that will give me the security and stability I need to take me into retirement.

My original intent was to use this platform to assist in my job hunt but now that point is moot.

My new position is very different from anything I’ve done before.. though still in IT Technology, I’m now working remotely to support a very diversified group of globally international clients.

Since my clients span the entire globe by schedule to accommodate peak demand hours in their respective time zones will be demanding.

Until I adjust to my new responsibilities and schedule expect this site to be a bit on the dormant side until I re-purpose it as I am no longer seeking employment or entrepreneurial opportunities.

As always…. Stay Tuned!

Could This Be?

Am I really getting my online presence back in order?  Or is this just another false start? As many of you may already know I’ve had a number of set-backs and challenges in the past few years and it’s been a bit of a struggle getting back on track.  But all that is behind me and my current focus is moving forward and not exhaust any energy on events and circumstances that are not in my current control.The biggest set-back I had was the sunsetting of Adobe Muse – My “mission critical” application to manage websites and content creation.  This, along with other life events… well… like I said.. .all behind me now!  I am now using the XARA family of products to create my content. I anticipate the learning curve to be short and new content along with a healthier attitude and zest for life to be imminent!