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You guessed it…  We’re “Under Construction” 22 April 2019 - It’s been a struggle…  After being hit with a lay-off from a job I had for over 21 years, the trauma of having to compete for new employment at a 50-something took its toll on my psyche.  After suffering through a string of sub-par employment I was forced to take just to “pay the bill”, I’m finally starting to get back on my feet. As I climb out of my depression I can now get back to a few of the hobbies I once enjoyed…  Social Media and Building Websites!  Fortunately I never let any of my domains expire.. on the flip-side, most of been deleted or abandon during my struggles.  So, here I go again…  Stay Tuned!
Hello World!
The Domains… 22 April 2019 - Looks like all my domains are resolving where they’re suppose to, now it’s time to start thinking about exactly what type of content will go into each domain.  I thought of reducing the inventory a bit but there’s nothing worse then letting a domain expire only to stumble upon it later seeing someone else use it.  I know.. kinda selfish and narcissistic but that’s just how I roll I guess!
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