The Arrow of Time


December 24, 2017 - As New Years approaches I can't help but see it as a line of demarcation into a new chapter of my life. Oddly, this is not intentional and I've purposefully made it a point to not declare any grandiose resolutions or edicts about how things will miraculously change.


None the less I can't shake this feeling I have that 2018 will mark some sort of new beginning for me.  I'm actually not surprised by this, if you peek at my Outlook calendar you'll see that I have various astrological events noted that my daily activities seem to rhythmically coincide with.


So the New Year is simply another one of these events that our bodies (spirit, soul, ego) are in tuned to and relied upon as a cosmological chronograph in which we sync our lives.


The thoughts that stand out to me most as we approach 2018 is the path I've been on throughout the previous year. I've made a number of choices (and a number of choices have been made on my behalf) that have lead me to this point. These are all causalities that have already been written and their effects have been set into motion. Now that I can reflect upon the outcome of these events I have a better understanding of how they work and how to use these patterns to direct my path going forward in a more favorable direction.


Perhaps the biggest take away I have from 2017 is dwelling on past events is perhaps one of the most single non-productive things we can do.  It cannot be changed.  Complaining about them only keeps the energy of the event alive within us.  Planning revenge or "getting even" is equally non-productive.  Any outside forces that have acted upon us (good or bad) themselves are also a causality that will bring forth its own karma.